Reclaiming Your Life After Abuse

Bad things do happen to good people. Picking up the pieces and marching on is important in reclaiming your life. See my comments on Michael D. Hoffman’s book, Acts of Recovery, about moving forward after abuse by a priest: Acts of Recovery /

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Angels Ready and Waiting

The Lord has our back. We have a team of angels watching out for us. The Angel Devotion Prayerbook can help you pray to some very special angels. See my write-up on the book on Doyle’s Delights:   Angel Power

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Striving for Excellence From the Back of the Church

We typically are so caught up in our own lives it’s difficult to truly understand life from someone else’s perspective. The book, From the Back of the Pews to the Head of the Class opened my eyes as to what it was like being an African American child in the 1960′s–the push for excellence in the Catholic school, and yet, their relegation to the back of the church. This book is worth reading. See my review here: Doyle’s Delights.

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Prayer List

“Please pray for me.” As I walked out of the convenient store, the man behind me said his name was John and that he was diagnosed with cancer. As a single dad alone with a daughter he needed prayers and asked me to add him to my prayer list.

We request prayers form friends and family but it took courage for John to stop someone he randomly encountered and ask for that kind of help. He had no doubt in the power of prayer. He was in need and reached out to the people God placed in his path.

Scripture tells us to solicit prayers from holy people (See Thessalonians 2 3:1-2, James 5:14-16). It also notes repeatedly that our prayers will be answered. “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24). How much clearer or simpler can that be? (See also Psalms 107:28-30; Matthew 7:7-8; 21:22; Mark 9:29; John 14:13-14; Philippians 4:6-7).

As noted in her diaries and letters, Saint Theodora often asked people to pray for her and she prayed for her students, teachers, friends, and family. Especially toward the end of her life, many recognized her unusual goodness and counted on her prayers in acquiring the fulfillment of their needs.  And now that she is recognized as a saint, we are learning of miraculous responses to these prayers.

Studies have shown that people who are prayed for do indeed heal quicker than those who are not. Sometimes we may not feel as if our prayer is answered, but the answer may come in a way we do not expect or initially want. Even a “No” is an answer to a prayer. If we trust in God, we also must trust the response to be in our best interest.

We are never alone. In addition to praying for ourselves, let’ ask others, both living and deceased, to add our needs to their prayers. And maybe we can reach out to a stranger, as John did, to pray for us as well.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

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Floating Through the Tough Times

Friends, family, and faith. We lean on these things in our tough times, says author Michele Howe in her new book, Faith, Friends, and Flotation Devices. See my review on her book here: Faith, Friends, and Flotation Devices


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Care for the Caregiver

You can’t be a good caregiver if you don’t care for yourself. I know that fact first-hand. See my latest post on the books Comfort and Be Comforted and Young in the Spirit in regards to caregiving on Doyle’s Delights.

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Real Love?

Are you a Thomas Merton fan? His writings are fascinating, and his relationship with “M” offers so much to ponder about Merton, his love, and his commitments.

See my thoughts on the book, The Ground of Love and Truth, by Sister Suzanne Zuercher, OSB  on this topic on my Doyle’s Delights blog.

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